VAN ARDI Estate – Wine from Armenia

One of the oldest viticultures in the world !

van-ardi_logoWine made with passion

We have known since a long time that viticulture in Armenia is one of the oldest in the world. It could even be that it is in Armenia that the wild vine has been transformed into cultivable wine, and that men drew the first growths from it!
Van Ardi estate is located in Ashtarak region. The winery dominates the vineyard, partly build on unevenly sloping, facing south/south-east.
The soil is composed of volcanic compound, rich in minerals and limestone tuff. The soil takes advantage of  a great and a constant sunlight at a latitude of 1000 meters. Thanks to a passionate approach, a high quality terroir and endemic grape varieties, this estate has perfect conditions for the high quality wine production.




Slept off Van Ardi white
Country / Region: Armenia
Designation : Ashtarak
Color : White
Ageing : Stainless steel and barrel
Grape Variety : KANGOUN
Terroir : Volcanic stoneware, calcareous tuff


This white wine is the expression of the Armenian country of Ashtarak allied to the authenticity of the vine KANGOUN. Belle straw-colored dress. Very elegant wine, a beautiful one minéralité and a well-balanced structure. The exhibition of the plots of land on hills blessed of sun offers a maturity optimum to grapes and allows to restore the gasoline of this vine.




Slept off Van Ardi Red Classic
Country / Region : Armenia
Designation : Ashtarak
Color : Red
Breeding : Stainless steel and barrel
Grape Varieties : ARENI, KAKHET and HAGHTANAK
Terroir : Volcanic stoneware, calcareous tuff


Cultivated, produced and carefully selected on plots of land of the region of Ashtarak. This assembly of three endemic vines, ARENI (40 %), KAKHET (30 %), HAGHTANAK (30 %) allows to produce an admirably structured wine. Of a color intense ruby, of a beautiful balance between aromas of red berries and flowers. Raised in French oak barrels, he offers to the palace a beautiful rich structure and elegant tannins. Big aromatic persistence. Wine of guard.