Our wines from Greece and Crete


Carte des régions viticoles de Grèce

Map of Greece wine-growing regions

The conjunction of the soil and the climate allowed its development and the oldest texts of Greek literature such as the Iliad and the Odyssey bear witness to this. The very first greek wines have been dated from 6 500 years, their development fits to family needs or to a small community. Following the development of the Greek civilization, their production and marketing took a large scale.


paros ISLAND (Cyclades)

The origin of the Paros vine is very old and goes back to several centuries. Climat has helped and still help the prosperity of numerous varieties. Most of the vineyard of the island follow the « aplotaria » technic. The vine grows in a parallel soil, to protect, under its branches and its leaves, the fruits of the wind and too aggressive sunshine.



Limnos or Lemnos is a wonderful island, located in the North Aegean Sea. It is a volcanic island very green and lush, which offered to his population a fertile land where the inhabitants cultivate olives, fruits and produce excellent wines.



Inhabitants of Crete drink wine for almost 4 000 years ! There are four cretan designations (PDO) recognized by the European Union : Peza, Arhanès, Dafnès and Sitia.
Mostly this is red wines and less frequently white wines.


The Péloponnèse is isolated from the continent by the Corinthe canal, it occupies a preponderant place in the Greek wine economy by the importance of its vineyard among other things …

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