ZLATAN OTOK Estate – Wines from Croatia, region of Dalmatia

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The family business Vitis was founded in 1986. In 1993, the vineyard changed its name to Zlatan Otok (Golden Island in Croatian), with its historic vineyards in the south of the Hvar’s island.
After moving to Croatia on the southern island of Hvar in 1986, the vineyard grew and developed over the years.

A new vineyard, located between 30 and 400 m above sea level and which extends in the Biokovo Massif on an area of 75 hectares (Makarsko Vinogorje). Concerning the vines of the vineyard, we find Plavac Mali in red and Posip in white. The variety Plavac mali is the most popular variety on the Hvar’s island. There is also the Crljenak Katelanski grape, the ancestor of Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The white varieties are all old or indigenous: Pošip, Žilavka, Dubrovačka Malvazija, and also Chardonnay and Žuti Muškat (White Muscat with small grains). Zlatan Otok has obtained Croatian Organic Certification.




Slept off Organic POSIP
Country/Region : Croatia Dalmatia
Designation : Primorska Hrvatska/zaboric
Color : White
Ageing : Wine making in stainless tank.
Grape Variety : 100 % Posip
Terroir : Limestone


The wine is brilliant, color straw-gold. The aromatic intensity of the vine Posip allied to grape harvests and sorting manual and in a dandruff maceration in fact a white wine of a big complexity. Aromas of dry apricots and figs. A very fresh, crisp white, on the melon. Power and length characterize this great wine of Croatia. A discovery!




Slept off PLAVAC Mali
Country / Region : Croatia Dalmatia
Designation : Primorska Hrvatska / zaboric
Color : Red
Ageing : wine making in stainless tanks and partial breeding in lightning
Grape Variety : 100 % Plavac Mali
Terroir : Limestone


Intense red color, he has a rich structure and a long obstinacy in mouth. High-quality wine, here the vine Plavac Mali, arises from vineyards of the company sister Vinoline situated on the locality of Sibenik. Raised in big wooden barrels (volume 40, 96 and 130 hl) and in tank stainless steel during one year.




Slept off CRLJENAK
Country/ Region : Croatia Dalmatia
Designation : Sibenik
Color : Red
Ageing : 12 months in lightnings
Grape Variety : 100 % Crljenak
Terroir : Limestone


Stemming from an old native almost forgotten variety Kastelanski Crljenak. (Original vine of the zinfandel, primitivo). The wine is of a color intense ruby with pronounced varietal aromas, which go discreet floral aromas to the intense fruity aromas. Zinfandel in all its magnificence.




Slept off Grand Cru
Country/Region : Croatia Dalmatia
Designation : Hvar Island
Color : Red
Ageing : 24 months in new barrels in 70 %
Grape Variety : 100 % Plavac Mali
Terroir : Limestone


Wine of high quality produces from Plavac Mali specially selected among the best and the most former plots of land of the South of the Hvar Island ( more than 30 years). The average yield by vine stock is 0,5 kg. Of a color dark ruby. In the nose, the rich and complex aromas of prunes, vanilla and leather. Rich and powerful tannic structure, a big obstinacy in mouth. A Croatian great wine which often obtains the honors and the highest medals.


ZLATAN OTOK, Sea view estate!