KRAUTHAKER Estate – Wines from Croatia, region of Slavonia

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Archaeologists have discovered that the Illyrians, Celts, Romans and Slavs inhabited the Požega valley. Its inhabitants have always appreciated and used the natural properties of this region. Viticulture in this area dates back to the arrival of the Cistercians in 1232.

Established on the slopes of Krndija hill, they encouraged viticulture, built cellars and settled in the Kutjevo region. Vlado Krauthaker, agricultural engineer and oenologist, owner of the farm, contributes to perpetuate the long wine-growing tradition of the Kutjevo region.

At the time of its creation, the estate consisted of one hectare of vines. In 2010, Vlado Krauthaker acquired 29 hectares. Today, he cultivates an additional 55 hectares in rented land.

The vineyards are located between 200 and 300 m above sea level. The area records annual rainfall between 500 and 800 mm/m².

At this altitude, the sandy soil and thinner humus cover sedimentary rocks, providing ideal warm soil for the grape growing season in July, August and September. Combined with less than average precipitation, this frequently rocky and loamy soil requires a certain amount of experience and knowledge.





Country / Region : Croatia Slavonia
Designation : Kutjevo
Color : Dry white
Ageing : Wine making in stainless tanks, breeding on dregs.
Grape Variety : 100 % Grasevina
Terroir : Rocky and clayey ground


It is about a sharp fragmented selection stemming from the region of Kutjevo. One most great success from Grasevina ( Welschriesling): one of the most wide-spread vines of Central Europe which is also the white vine the most cultivated in Croatia.




Slept off ZELENAC
Country / Region : Croatia Slavonia
Designation : Kutjevo
Color : Dry white
Ageing : wine making in stainless tanks
Grape Variety : 100 % Zelenac
Terroir : Rocky ground and clay


This zelenac is an aromatic, fruity and lively white wine. Excellent wine of apéritif, he will also accompany river fish, and desserts in fruits, tarts, charlottes, strudel in apples.




Cuvée ZELENAC IBB ( Izbornah berba bobica)
Pays/ Région : Croatia Slavonia
Designation : Kutjevo
Color : Soft white
Ageing : Partly barrel
Grape Variety : 100% Zelenac
Terroir : Rocky and loamy soil


This wine arises from successive and selective harvests of grapes of the variety Zelenac reached by the noble rot (IBB) and the density of which does not have everything made reached that of the IBPB. Stuffed nose, notes of quinces and dried fruits. In mouth of the aromas of exotic fruits. One finale soft and fresh.




Cuvée GRASEVINA IBPB (izborna berba prosusenih bobica)
Country/ Région : Croatie Slavonie
Designation : Kutjevo
Color : Sweet white – Late harvest on noble grains (IBPB)
Ageing : Partly barrel
Grape Variety : 100% Grasevina
Terroir : Rocky and loamy soil


Vineyard on an often rocky and clayey ground. Type(chap) Izborna’s grape harvest berba prosusenih bobica (IBPB), is a process consisting in selecting botrytisées bays. A golden, dense and lively color, a nose pleasantly pronounced thanks to the very particular flavorof yellow and white ripe(mature) fruits (pear, apricot), tropical (fig and date) and some honey. One of the big syrupy, worldwide.



Slept off PINOT NOIR
Country/Region : Croatia Slavonia
Designation : Pinot noir
Color : Red
Ageing : Barrel
Grape Variety : 100 % pinot noir
Terroir : Rocky ground and clay


Of a color twinkling ruby. In the nose a beautiful bouquet gives a complex on fruits, of the blackberry, the cherry. Aromas of smoked, of licorice and white pepper.
In mouth it is a warm wine with fruity one intense. A harmonious mixture of spices and flowers, a beautiful structure with round tannins, beautiful acidity, considerable length. Excellent on grilled and roasted meats.