CMRECNJAK Estate – Wines from continental Croatia


In this region of Croatia, we have a typically continental territory with, therefore, the characteristics of this climate. Mostly fresh and fruity white wines are produced.
The vines have been cultivated here since the Roman Empire, in a sloping landscape that is favourable to small farms, the winegrowers are essentially small family businesses.
The Cmrečnjak family perpetuates a long tradition of viticulture and winemaking. The first family cellar dates back to 1884. The current generation has been involved since the early 1970s or with the two hectares planted with endemic grape varieties Graševina and Pušipelago (Šipon, Furmint) has been constantly improving the quality of wines produced. PUŠIPEL, an indigenous variety, is the most cultivated on the property.




Slept off PUSIPEL
Country / Region :
Continental Croatia
Designation :
Medimurskog vinogorja
Color :
Ageing :
Stainless Tank
Grape Variety :
Terroir :
Clay and limestone


It is a light, lively white wine, in the aromas of citrus fruits and in the mineral notes. He offers a beautiful acidity. To obtain a better quality, grapes are collected has high maturity of a way has that a light noble rot settles down and brings to this vintage of magnificent aromas and a lot of pleasure in the tasting. He offers a potential of many years’ ageing.