BIRE Estate – Wines from Croatia, Korčula island


Korcula’s island

The status of the Island of Korčula is described on a legal document  from 1214, elaborated through the centuries. It is one of the oldest collections in the region and one of the oldest in Europe : to explore here.
Its rich vegetation, seen from afar, gave the impression that the island was all black, that the ancient Greeks named it Korkyra Melaina. Even at that time, the vineyard was an existential, philosophical question. Planted in oasis where the land, bathed by the sea and the sun, was amassed with great pain; carried by a wine tradition on the island of Korčula for 2500 years. The BIRE estate is located in Lumbarda, a small village surrounded by stones and sea, the wines grown on the estate develop beautiful aromas.



Country/Region : Croatia, Korčula’s island
Designation : Lumbarda
Color : Dry white
Ageing : Stainless steel vat and breeding in lightning
Grape Varity : 100% GRK
Terroir : Sandy


BIRE GRK, with its pale yellow colour, will offer you iodised notes and a rich aromatic bouquet on the nose. One discovers a mouth rich in minerals, a full body with tropical fruit flavours.  A unique white wine that will delight your taste buds.