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Map of wine-growing regions

Wine-growing in Croatia has a tradition of at least 2500 years in history.
Total vineyard area : 33 000 ha. Production of 61,000,000 litres.
65% white, 35% red, only 5% pink, sparkling and sweet (Prošek).
200 grapes varieties in total, including 60 native varieties.

Three native grape varieties represent 47% of the Croatian grape variety :
La Graševina, Malvasia, Plavać mali.


The list of native grape varieties is as long as the Croatian coast.
TWine-growing has just started in this region. The climat is fully Mediterranean, with little rain and very dry and hot summers, the ground is generally composed of a thin layer of soil lying on karstic soil.
Most of the vineyard have in common slopes near the Adriatic Sea and very well exposed to the sun, taking advantage of the stabilizing effect of the sea.

Famous white grape varieties : Pošip, Vugava, Grk, Rukatac, Malvoisie de Dubrovnik…
Famous red grape varieties : Plavac mali, Babić, Crljenak, Dobričić…


In the region of Istrie, wine history is as rich as the history of its civilization.
The most convincing proof being the name of the bay of Kalavojna next to Pula, baptized by the Greeks « bay of good wine ». The millenary tradition has been maintained under the influence of a pleasant climate, warm summers, tempered by the stabilizing rôle of the sea on the western Istrian coast and by the high altitude of the vineyards in central Istrie located on the slopes of Cicarija mountain. The ground matters a lot. The red soil dominates the coasts parts whereas inland it’s « white soil ».

Famous white grape varieties : Malvoisie, Muškat …
Famous red grape varieties : Teran, merlot, cabernet sauvignon …


The wine history in Slavonia was turbulent. The archeological discoveries shows that wine was product during roman times, however viticulture only reappears in the 13 century thanks to the Cistercians of the Kutjevo monasteries. Cold winters, hot summers and soft autumns are the main climat characteristics of this wonderful region, a perfect place to cultivate and product a large number of high quality grape varieties. The rich soil and the Slavonian climat are late harvest friendly as well as selections of noble grains.

Here all Burgundy grape varieties succeed , the region being on the same parallel as Burgundy.

amous white grape varieties for both dry and sweet white : the Graševina


This is the northwest wine region of Croatia at the Hungarian and Slovenian border. Here, for centuries now, wine was a significant source of income. This region, the coldest one in Croatia, has a very high acidity level in grapes and wine. The landscapes are composed of steep hills with rounded peaks, rural villages and carefully maintained vineyards. It produces excellent ice wines (selections on noble grains).

White grape varieties : Sauvignon, Riesling, Silvanac zeleni (sylvaner), Muškat … et l’authentique Pusipel.
Red grape varieties : Pinot noir, Portugizac (portugieser).