Les Robes de l’Est it’s …

Barbara BACIC

Barbara Bacic

Company founder

Born in Bordeaux, to a Basque mother and a Croatian father… a history between land and sea, from west to east, of encounters, journeys and passions.
Graduate of the DUAD (University Diploma of Tasting Aptitude), WSET-III and accredited trainer at the Bordeaux Wine School. Expert in wine tourism in France and abroad. Founder of the company: Passionate about wine, its cultures and the civilizations that have promoted it, I tirelessly explore the lands of my origins in search of prodigious grape varieties and authentic know-how.


Ante Bacic

At the beginning …

At the origin of the creation of “Les Robes de l’Est”, Ante Toni Bačić will tell you with humility “There are two famous characters, native of the island of Korčula, in South Dalmatia, Marco Polo in the 13th century and Ante Toni Bačić, in the 20th century ! ”

Through his profession, he still travels the world to discover authentic wine-growing regions and to meet passionate winegrowers!


Vincent Ducasse

Sales representative

After a first experience in the winegrower in South Africa, I decided to specialize in the wine sector by integrating the OIV Master’s degree. This program, which covers more than 25 countries, allows me to have a global vision of wine and its various challenges. It is this expertise that I would like to put at your service through Les Robes de l’Est. My vocation is to make you discover exceptional wines that are a reflection of their terroir and above all to meet your requirements as well as possible.

Sophie Roche

Sophie Roche

Marketing, Communication and Copywriting